Waheed Akhtar, a multiple international award-winning photographer from Dubai, UAE.

I’m Waheed Akhtar, a digital director by day job who designs creative and functional websites. Passion for photography starts after I finish my day job. You will find me either busy shooting somewhere or doing post-processing work at home.

Passionate about sketching since childhood took me to the design field where I have spent almost 16 plus years till now. Photography passion kicked in when I started blogging in 2010-2011. I use to spend most of the time looking at the photos of other artists and featuring them on my blog. Looking at so many inspirational pictures everyday led me to start taking photos by myself. Spending more than 16 years in web design, working for hundreds of international clients, didn’t stopped me for a second to move to another field.

I started taking pictures officially in 2013 when bought my first camera (Canon 600D) 🙂 I followed my passion (and still do) and never looked at the money making side of photography. Though it’s good to earn money from photography but am not going to run after it. I believe in working hard and follow what my heart says. If I am good enough, success will follow.

Workshops and Online Skype Sessions

Last year I got few requests from friends to arrange a workshop for milky way photography. I decided to take this step and arranged 3 workshops (with post-processing sessions) in 3 months. All workshops went very successful and looking forward to arrange this year as well.

I am also providing online Skype classes for individuals who are interested in post-processing and how to improve their editing skills using Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

Publications & Awards

I have been nominated, shortlisted, got published in international magazines and scored few international awards in the last few years.

Don’t forget to follow my work on following social channels. Hope you love my works as much I do and please enjoy your stay. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me at wa@waheedakhtar.net or using the contact page.